Hi friends! Today’s post is a bit different. It’s January 28th and I have yet to make any progress with those resolutions I set up for myself 28 days ago. I can’t be alone in this! Continue reading “NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS GONE WRONG + MY ETSY SHOP” »

My two week hiatus is done! I had to take a brief break from blogging because our camera officially rolled over and died. It was sad, but not sad for long because we’re back in action with a brand new camera! That’s not the only thing that’s brand new – Continue reading “A NEW ‘DO + A NEW SHOE” »

Holy crap! The last time I posted on here was September 9th… it’s December 21st!!! I wish I could have documented this past year more, but it honestly was so difficult. Continue reading “WE MOVED! • 2016 RECAP •” »

They’re ready! They’re ready! Our photos are finally here! I couldn’t be happier with the work of Brenda and Alaa of Alaa Marzouk Photography. I hope you’ll excuse my lack of words – partly because I figured the photos could do most of the talking and partly because I’m rushing to get these up so Fonz can see them from all the way in California. I just can’t stop smiling! This was such a happy day. I hope you enjoy looking through these as much as I did! xo Continue reading “OUR WEDDING” »

Hello my lovely friends!

Now that summer is here …jk I live in South Texas so it was here in February. Now that school is out, that’s better, the only place I want to be is OUTSIDE. Continue reading “SUMMERS WITH BEACHIT” »

Where do I even begin?! SO MUCH has happened over the past four months. It seems nearly impossible to recapture it all. The last post I wrote was just a few days after Fonz left for USMC bootcamp in San Diego. Every single second of that time away felt like it was inching by slower and slower, but now that I look back on it… it feels like it was just January 25th when Fonz was boarding his bus to San Antonio. Continue reading “WE’RE MARRIED!” »

Continue reading “A NEW CHAPTER” »