So you remember in this post when I was raving about Schoolhouse Creamery and how much I love local businesses? Well here is the other end of the spectrum: an all-natural, juice bar called Juiceology. This was my first time going, but I’m already a huge fan! Continue reading “JUICY” »

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog!¬†Afternoons have been crazy hot here in South Texas, so one of my absolute favorite spots to visit is Schoolhouse Creamery. It’s a local ice cream shop that is soooo delicious! Continue reading “I SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM” »

Happy Sunday Funday, everyone! I typically spend my Sundays relaxing with my pets and cleaning. I don’t intend on it to be a day of cleaning but once I get started, I just can’t stop. Whilst waiting for a load of laundry to finish, why not enjoy a little fruity beverage? Yesterday evening, we had a BBQ at my house and I made this tropical cocktail for my family.¬† Continue reading “Infuse Your Own Cocktail ft. Deep Eddy Vodka” »

This past year, my family and I spent Thanksgiving in New Orleans. It’s seriously one of the coolest cities ever and it’s also where I began my love affair with pecan pralines. Continue reading “New Orleans Pecan Pralines” »