Hi friends! This Friday morning I am holding my self captive in bed. Continue reading “PLEATED MAXI” »

Hi friends! This Saturday morning I bring to you a short and sweet little post involving one of my favorite duos: Levi cut-offs and off-the shoulder crop tops. Continue reading “SUNNY DAYS” »

Holy smokes it’s been awhile since I did one of these posts! Last week, my lovely friends, Brenda and Alaa of Alaa Marzouk Photography, hit me up for an impromptu photo session. I couldn’t deny this opportunity for a multitude of reasons: their photography is bomb (my wedding photographers); I could finally refresh my poor, stale, neglected, little blog; and I just love hanging with them in general. WIN/WIN/WIN  Continue reading “HATS OFF” »

Hello my lovely friends!

Now that summer is here …jk I live in South Texas so it was here in February. Now that school is out, that’s better, the only place I want to be is OUTSIDE. Continue reading “SUMMERS WITH BEACHIT” »

Hi friends!! I’m super excited to bring you today’s post because it actually includes something cool for YOU! The other day the lovely ladies of Rocksbox reached out to me and offered to set up a neat little deal for all my friends here on my blog & Instagram. Continue reading “ROCKSBOX” »

Hey friends! Sorry for my lack of posts recently. If you follow me on insta you already know my photographer/boyfriend was in California for a week! Continue reading “EVERYDAY JEWELS” »

Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I don’t usually post on Sundays (me), but I had to make an exception today. Continue reading “South Padre Señorita” »