Hi guys! If you read this post, then you may be expecting this gingham playsuit! I just received it in the mail, but I already love it so much! Perhaps the reason I love it this much is because it’s from the petite section, so it actually fits me! Usually anything that is from the regular section and is described to be “mini” or “short” means it’s definitely going to at least reach my knees (I’m 5’0″ for those who don’t know or can’t tell).

When I was getting dressed, I saw this handbag sitting there and immediately grabbed it. It wasn’t until later that I realized a couple of years ago, I paired it with gingham, too! You can see that post here. I guess I just really like the two together! I remember thinking at the time of purchasing the bag, “this is such a situational piece, when am I going to wear it?” But history repeats itself and straw handbags are once again super popular! So I guess whatever I used to justify my purchase still stands true. Ha! Recently I’ve been getting a hankering for a cute basket bag, so I’ve linked a few I’ve been eyeing in the carousel above. Maybe you’ll see one in an upcoming post!

Fonz was really concerned that I was walking out of the house without pants on, but look! there’s shorts! ↓

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