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Living in a rental house kills me. I want to decorate and renovate and change EVERYTHING, but know I can’t. Even when it comes to landscaping, I want to spruce up the place, but I’m like “Why bother?” Which is why I only decorate with potted plants… I’m greedy and can take them with me. ha! Lately I’ve been really loving light woods and stark white walls with high contrast floors. It’s so California dreamy. I guess I’ve been loving pretty much any interior design that gives off west coast, desert vibes. ah!

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I’ve been loving effortless denim combos lately. I want to wear all the denim with cognac, bandanas, bikini tops … I think I’m just yearning for a serious heat wave.

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To be honest, I hate my hair right now. However, it’s probably the healthiest it’s ever been …and also most natural, but it’s just at an awkward length. I miss my long hair! I’m feeling really inspired by these honey highlights lately! Next up on my to-do list: find a hairdresser in Beaufort that doesn’t turn my hair an orangey/pink (again). You never realize you have a good thing until it’s gone…this is especially true with hairdressers. If you’re reading this, Hi Edna!

 I know this post is a bit different, I hope you enjoyed it! I kinda like looking back on recent pins. It’s easy to see the subconscious theme of things I’m currently interested in …It kinda helps me weed out frivolous purchases and focus more on stuff that I consistently love. I might do one of these again… who knows! BUT my next post is one I’m super excited about! I may or may not have just received the cutest gingham piece at my doorstep. I can’t wait to show y’all! xo

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