I picked up this shirt at Island Style on South Padre Island when I was visiting back home a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t think much of it, as it is rather simple, but I have been reaching for it over and over again! Partly because it’s so soft and comfy and partly because it’s such a simple throw-it-on and go kinda top! Not to mention, these off the shoulder tops are so flattering. My only warning with this top is if you are rather busty, it may not be the most flattering. In fact, when I wear it, I try to make my boobs as small as possible (not a difficult feat). I guess because it will hang as far out your boobs go and it does not cinch in anywhere. My attempt at combatting that thus far as been to tuck juuuust a bit into my bottoms …and I think it does the job pretty well!

I realized the other day: I fill my closet with all types of brands, but the brands I always reach for? Surf companies. I am constantly wearing pieces from Billabong, O’Neill, Volcom, or something of the like. I think because they’re so relaxed and easy to wear. I love all my pretty, intricate tops, but when I’m getting dressed in the morning for any old day – I always go for tops like this.


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