It’s been over a month since my last post! For the past six weeks or so we have been so busy, but I can’t really blame the busy-ness for my lack of posting. I think you could probably tell in my last post, but I just wasn’t feeling inspired! I didn’t have anything I felt was special enough to show y’all, nor did I feel like I had something special enough to say! Fonz kept bugging me and bugging me, “Let’s go shoot!” but I just didn’t want to until I felt like I had something that got me excited. Well I am finally out of my funk and I’ve got a nice, long list of blog post ideas to prove it. Both Fonz and I are feeling super reenergized about photos and posting now!

I couldn’t think of a better way to start than with some pretty pastels. I just picked up this pastel pink color-block skirt from Asos and it’s on super sale! It’s just over $20!! I’ve been shopping there more and more because of crazy deals like this one; y’all have gotta check it out. I think it’d be so cute with a graphic T, as well, to kinda switch things up. I’ve had it hanging in my closet for awhile, but didn’t have an excuse to wear it UNTIL Fonz and I discovered Habersham! *Insert heart eyes emoji here* Gah! Habersham is a little neighborhood that is literally like 5 minutes away from our house… How we did not know it existed? I have no idea, but it is seriously the most picturesque, perfect little town. You’re gonna see it a lot more in my photos because I just can’t stop finding excuses to go back! I can’t wait to show y’all! Until then! xo

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The skirt is very pretty, but OMG, Those Shoes!! Love you!


Thank you!! Love you!! <3