Hi guys! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on here! Latey I’ve just really been in the same thing over and over again: jeans, basic T’s, and whatever shoe I’m feelin’ for the day. But then I realized, “Hey! That’s totally something to blog about!” Investing in a few good pieces will keep you set forever. And I truly mean forever if you take good care of them. These jeans are the second pair I bought from Madewell that I mentioned in this post. If you do decide to pick these up, make sure you get your true size or a size up since they’re 100% cotton (aka ZERO stretch). My onlyyyyyy issue with mine personally are that the waist is a bit large, but that can easily be fixed with a belt or tailoring. So I’d be weary of that when purchasing! I promise after this post I’ll stop talking about damn jeans, but that’s just kinda been my thing lately! ha! Like I said, I’ve pretty much only been in t-shirts lately. A high quality black t-shirt is always a good decision. I picked this one up in Charleston the other day (in white, as well)!

I have to admit, I’ve been a little uninspired lately ..hence my infrequency of posts. I’ve been talking to Fonz and I think we’re going to try something new. I really enjoy writing and “storytelling” (I guess that’s what I’ll call it?), so I’d like to do that a bit more on here. Fonz suggested we document our adventures around the east coast so I can actually write a bit more about what I’m doing in all these clothes. My rebuttal was, “But that means I have to have an adventure to post. Our lives aren’t that exciting.” But really… lol. Now his rebuttal was it doesn’t necessarily need to be a crazy, once-in-a-lifetime adventure! It could be a simple day in our life. Most of our friends and family have never been to our new home and it might be interesting to see what life is like in South Carolina. I kind of like the idea. What do y’all think?

xo Shelby

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I love the idea!