Hey guys! Today I bring to you what I would consider to be the perfect Valentine’s Galentine’s outfit. It’s definitely not 50 shades of pink like some might expect for this day o’love, but it is a combination of a bunch of different things that I love. One of which are these jeans. A couple of weeks ago I bought two pairs of Madewell jeans (one of them seen here) and ever since then, I’ve been completely obsessed. So this past weekend when I was in Charleston with Fonz, I had to make my way back to Madewell …and surprise, surprise! I bought two more. Though it is a bit of a splurge for me as the jeans usually are about $120 per pair, it’s so worth it. The fit and quality is bomb …aaaand they’re kinda kicking all my other jeans’ asses right now.

Okay, okay on to my next love: off the shoulder tops. I’m so sad to say this particular top just went out of stock on Asos, but I’ve put a bunch of really cute and affordable options in the carousel above. I think this trend is so freaking flattering and it’s perfect for a night out with the girls. To finish off my black and white look, I threw on my favorite statement earrings… tassels! I’ve linked a few above, as well. Bauble Bar is coming out with some killer costume jewelry right now that’s definitely worth checking out. I’m picking up the pink and orange tassel ones that you can see in the carousel!

I’ve never really been that big on celebrating Valentine’s Day, but if it’s an excuse to get all dressed up and head out for margaritas… I’m always down for that (whether it’s with your significant other or girlfriends). Though Fonz and I celebrate our love all the time, I am actually excited for this specific date night – partially because last year it was stolen from me by stupid boot camp! I didn’t get to hear from him at all and although I did receive a Valentine’s Day letter from him, it was about 2 weeks late haha. So this year, we’re taking advantage of being together! My more traditional take on Valentine’s/what I’ll probably be wearing on the actual day will be posted on here soon! Until then! XO

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Head to toe, perfect!


Oh my goodness, I smiled so hard when I read that your outfit isn’t “50 shades of pink.” I think that is exactly why I like this outfit so much. It is definitely refreshing from the sea of pink I see on instagram and wordpress.

xo Logan


Thank you! I’m glad I’m not alone in that! :)