hi guys! Yay for a new video! I have to give props to Fonz for this one; he told me everything to do and edited everything on his own while I was at a baby shower. I have no vision when it comes to that kind of stuff so I’m so super thankful for him. This time our video is showing off a sweater I just can’t get enough off. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen this! It’s just so easy to throw on. The best thing about this sweater is its price tag! This lace-up detail you see every where is admittedly trendy and when it comes to those types of pieces, I try not to invest too much of my money in them. I’d rather spend much more on a cashmere or high quality cable knit. So I definitely can’t complain about this one being only $40!! I’ve linked two options above in different colors and I highly recommend you pick one up for yourself. I’ve seriously already worn mine like 10 times. The second best thing? It’s long enough to wear as dress or with a skirt. Maybe that’s because I’m a shortie… hm. Okay, okay… I’ll stop gushing now and you can see for yourself.

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You are the cutest thing ever! LOVE the video and the sweater!