Hi friends! Today’s post is a bit different. It’s January 28th and I have yet to make any progress with those resolutions I set up for myself 28 days ago. I can’t be alone in this! Before I had a chance to really think about what I wanted to accomplish this year and how I wanted to do it, it was January 1st. We were just moving into our new home and had absolutely no routine. I didn’t even know what grocery store to go to. Despite not having any sort of consistency in my life, I decided to come up with some unthought-out resolutions. Basically, I wanted to feed myself better stuff and be more active. By creating such vague goals I was basically setting myself up for failure.

I’m seriously the type of person where I cannot start a new “thing” on any old day or time. For example, I notice I’ve been eating like crap and it’s a Wednesday, so I think “oh ok, I’ll be better starting Monday.” Like, Monday?! Why not now?! I used to do this in college, too. I’d be procrastinating in some way or another and would decide, “okay I’ll start studying at 7:00 pm.” 7:03 comes along and I’m still procrastinating, so I’d think, “okay I’ll start at 8:00.” It’s absurd. The fact that I do this seriously bugs the crap out of me. That’s what brings me to today’s post. It’s January 28th and I’m starting some new healthy habits right now. Not February 1st. Now.

I like to have lists, a planner, journals, pretty much anything that has to do with organization. I write everything down. So I knew if I wanted to do this correctly for myself, I’d have to actually write down everything I’m thinking, in an organized fashion …even the stuff I didn’t want to admit or acknowledge. So to do this, I made some printables. I brainstormed for a really long time about what I thought I actually needed to be successful with these goals and here it is:

My Fitness and Personal Goals

This one is a bit obvious. In order to make a plan of action, I need to figure out what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong. The top of this planner has a “Things I like about myself” and “Things I can make better” section. The “Things I like about myself” honestly makes me cringe. That sounds awful, but I would so much rather write down things I can fix about myself …which I know is unhealthy. Which is exactly why I decided I had to list just as many things I like about myself and think are just fine the way they are.

Once I’ve completed that section, I can begin to form my goals: top 3 personal and top 3 fitness. Perhaps a personal goal would be “read 12 books.” Then I can fill out my Plan of Action: “read 30 minutes each night.” My date accomplished is the most important part. If I don’t have a deadline, I know I won’t complete the task, so I’d write: “12/31/17”. The more specific the better. If there is anything engrained in my mind after teaching, it’s SMART goals. Goals must be specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic, and time bound. Okay, remind me to never utter those words again.

My Monthly Planner

I really like this one because I get to plan my whole month in advance. Write in pencil! Just because you’re planning ahead doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. I can schedule out my weeks with arms, legs, core, etc., but I can also schedule in classes I want to attend. For instance, on Thursday’s, I’ll be scheduling in adult ballet classes. Sidenote: Fonz literally thought this was like ballet pole dancing or something LOL. Or if your pilates membership is 10 classes a month, you can spread them out evenly!

My Meal Planner + Grocery List

I’ve always thought weekly meal planners were totally out of my realm. But if you’re planning on not eating out every other day, they can’t be. However, I’m not about to find 7 Pinterest Recipes for every night of the week either. Instead, I’ll pick a few dinners I’m comfortable with. One of my dinners every week is always the easiest baked chicken with Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes. It’s literally three ingredients I have to buy since the rest is just spices and stuff! Once you pick out what you’ll be eating, you can then list out your grocery list. Three meats I always buy are chicken, ground turkey, and “select” red meats. I’ll get a bunch of different veggies and I’m pretty much set for dinners.

Pro tip: never take your husband with you. He will ruin everything. Sorry, Fonz, but it’s true. He’s a great shopping cart assistant, but before I know it I have Orange Fanta, those little tree elf cookies, a six pack of Monster, and frozen pizzas. EDIT: I asked Fonz to look this post over and his response was ” … you’re a little tree elf!!”

Healthy Habits Tracker

Okay this one is my favorite. I have actually been doing this for the past 2 weeks and it’s so great. The problem about wanting to have healthy habits is that sometimes we have so many, we forget about them throughout the course of the day! Some of my habits these past weeks have been “take Mika on a walk”, “get 10,000 steps in”, “sleep 8 hours”, and “drink 2.2 liters of water.” It’s simple things I want to accomplish every day. This is all about the little goals to help me reach a big end goal.

Perhaps I should explain the actual tracker if you’ve never used or seen one. The row at the top with all the numbers are the days of the month. The blank lines going down on the left side of the paper are where you would fill in your personal habits. If you completed that habit for the day, you’d color in the box for the designated date. If you didn’t, you’d leave it blank. The goal is to make this as filled up as possible. By the end of the month it will be visually obvious where you’re doing great and where you could improve. Tip: Use different color highlighters! Like pink for organizational habits, yellow for fitness related habits, blue for work related habits, etc. Here is a pic of a complete one someone made.

Okay to end the longest blog post ever I should probably tell you how you can get these printables. I opened up an Etsy shop so you can snag some of your own!! The reason printables are so awesome is that if you mess up one or lose it, you can always just print another one!  And because I love you guys so much for following along, I wanted to give you a coupon code even though they’re already really cheap haha. It’s: READERS25. 

My Etsy shop is called lipstainandchampagne and you can find it here!

If you got this far down, I commend you! I will be posting follow up Instagrams about my progress with my planners so make sure you’re following me there! (@shelbypq) If you do end up purchasing these or making your own, please let me know so we can do this together!


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Fit-fam! I’m so proud of you and LOVE this post! I’ll definitely be purchasing these so I can join you.


Woohooo!! I’m gonna put my procrastinating/lazy ways aside this time!! Hahah


And here I thought I had problems being ocd! Love you Shelby & love reading your blogs.


haha it’s such a struggle! Love you and thank you, I’m glad you enjoy them!! :)