My two week hiatus is done! I had to take a brief break from blogging because our camera officially rolled over and died. It was sad, but not sad for long because we’re back in action with a brand new camera! That’s not the only thing that’s brand new – check out this LOB (/läb/ • noun 1. long bob). I haven’t had my hair this short since I was in fourth grade!! I’m one of those that feels like their long hair is a bit of a security blanket. My hair wasn’t that long right before I cut it, but it was this really dreadful length that just had to go. Thus far, I am so happy about it!! I’m super lazy when it comes to styling hair and this has kind of been perfect for that. Just put a bit of a bend in it, add some texturing products, and you’re done!

Now I must say, these photos don’t really do the ‘do justice. It was raining yesterday (quite a lot actually), but Fonz and I are both stubborn and decided that we are going to brunch dammit and we’re gonna take some photos while we’re at it! We literally hopped in and out within five minutes because we were so over it. But actually managed to walk away with a few!

The last brand new I wanted to mention were these Joie booties. These. were. a. STEAL. They were regular like $320 at Neiman Marcus and I got them for $115. Now the linked pair isn’t as great of a deal, but they are still on super sale! Grab them while you can!!! They’re beyond comfy and they’re selling out quickly. They’re already sold out at Neiman’s. I linked a few amazing options in the carousel above for you to browse!

xo Shelby

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