One of my favorite things right now is pretty much anything rose gold. I know, I know.. me and everyone else! It’s a bit of an overdone trend, but I can’t resist! These trainers were the beginning of my wearable rose gold obsession. Though they are completely sold out now, there are so many other rose gold options. I put them in a shop-able carousel on the top of this post …I’m kind of obsessed with the Supergas.

My next rose gold favorite is my Apple watch. I honestly didn’t see the hype behind Apple watches until Fonz gifted me one. They are so convenient when it comes to handling all your devices. I’m constantly losing my phone, so it’s pretty convenient to get a phone call or text on my wrist. They’re also super nice if you like to guilt yourself for not getting enough steps in for the day!! ugh.

To finish off my rosy look, I threw on this blush sweater that just so happens to be on super sale. Above anything and everything rose gold, my most important favorite joined me for this post.. Mika! Enjoy! xo

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