The best pieces in my closet are the ones with stories or special memories behind them. On this particularly warm winter day, I got to wear one of my favorites! The story behind its retrieval always brings a smile to my face and it’s actually my only true piece of designer clothing.

My Vintage Dolce & Gabbana Romper

In September of 2014, Fonz and I finally got to go to New York together. I say “finally” because I had never been and I was so incredibly excited to see the city. Though Fonz and I were traveling together, he was actually going to work. At the time he was a photographer for an action sports magazine, so he spent the trip taking photos at the Mountain Dew Tour in Brooklyn. I, however, was not an action sports photographer nor did I have any sort of interest in skateboarding, so I was perfectly content with exploring the city alone.

Getting to know the subway systems was my first obstacle to tackle on my own. I remember I was so nervous and had no idea where or how to even retrieve a MetroCard. Spoiler alert: they do not sell them at every subway stop. After a lot of trial and error, I kinda got it down. Well, down enough to successfully travel on my own pretty well. I don’t remember exactly what I did on each day I was there, but I do know I got to walk miles through Central Park noticing significant spots I had seen in movies and television. I also know that I got to go to a matinee broadway show after a morning at the Met. I explored the West Village pretending I was actually a resident of one of the brownstones just walking home from the grocery store, instead of a tourist with an expiration date. I even ate alone! I have this outer body memory of myself sitting at a cafe in Brooklyn, enjoying my french toast and getting aggresively assaulted by a bee …because eating by yourself isn’t fun enough. The interesting thing about traveling alone is that people assume you’re from the area. I can’t tell you how many times I was stopped for directions or help. I was just as, if not more, confused than the people seeking my guidance.

I spent one of my days in New York popping in and out of shops in SoHo. Not only did I have the treat of visiting stores I had only ever explored online, I saw Lenny Kravitz whilst doing so …in person!! …with my own eyes!! He’s beautiful and majestic. One of the last stores I visited was called Amarcord Vintage Fashion on Bedford Ave. They were serving complimentary mimosas, but had run out of orange juice so I begrudgingly (ha!) had to drink a flute of only champagne. It’s a very small space, jam-packed with designer finds – all of which were far too expensive for me. The staff was so kind and fun to talk to even though I was just there to browse. There were Chanel blazers, Louis Vuitton coats, Yves Saint Laurent blouses. *insert more champagne here* They convinced me to try on a few pieces even though I warned them I couldn’t afford the items. I showed them the pieces on, but quickly and carefully removed each piece before I could get emotionally attached (I tend to do that).  *insert more champagne here* By this time the owner was here and showed me a black Italian silk Dolce and Gabbana romper from the 80’s. *insert final champagne here* Before I knew it, it was mine! I suppose that’s a side effect of champagne, kind people, and beautiful pieces. I don’t regret it one bit.

No one would ever know how special it is to me by just looking at it, as it is rather simple, but I know the story behind it. I love wearing it – whether it’s under a leather jacket or tucked into a pair of button fly jeans. Each time I pull it out, it brings a smile to my face and makes me remember that one time in New York.


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Nice adventure. Of course with your beautiful personality and looks, Dolce & Gabbana..should be proud you’re wearing them. Love reading your stories. 😙


Thank you, Mrs. Reyes!! You’re so kind!! and I appreciate you following along of course :)