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As a welcome to 2017, I decided my blog could use a bit of a sprucing up. What better time to revamp and rebrand? I hope you like!

I’ve been thinking about this post for awhile and how exactly I’d like to put it together. I was deliberating between doing a best of each category, but I found that to be a bit of stretch. For instance, I don’t have an under eye concealer that I’d beg a friend to try for herself… but I do have about three cheekbone highlighters that I’d go out and buy a lifetime supply of if anyone waved the dreaded “discontinued” word at me. For this reason, I decided to do a general countdown: My Top 10 Best Beauty Products of 2016. They are specifically put in order starting with my 10th favorite product all the way to my #1 most used and most loved product …it was a daunting task.


10. Becca x Jaclyn Hill – Champagne Pop

If you have ever stepped foot into the deep abyss that is the beauty corner of YouTube, you’ve probably heard of Jaclyn Hill. And if you’ve heard of her, I’m 100% positive you’ve heard of Champagne Pop. It is probably the most raved about cheek highlight of the year. It’s just the most perfect peachy goodness that melts on to your cheekbones with a light swipe. It’s amazing and totally worth the hype.

9. House of Lashes – Noir Fairy Lite

I hardly ever wear lashes despite my need for them. I have fine, little blonde lashes that beg for an enhancement. But I simply cannot be bothered with the application. However! On the rare occasion that I require lashes, I always use these. They’re gorgeous and glamorous, yet so easy to apply. I wore them on my wedding day and any time I have taken professional photos this year. The best part about them is if you are nice and treat them well, you can use them over and over again.

8. Hourglass – Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light

This is one of the products I didn’t realize I loved so much until I sat down to write this post. I use it every single time I wear makeup. I am very picky about my bronzers. Get ahold of a bad bronzer and it’s pretty difficult to redeem yourself. They can be cakey or orange or too shimmery; this one is none of those things. It’s just perfect!

7. Chanel – Soleil Tan De Chanel

Though some use this as a bronzer, I love using this as a cream contour. It’s a really nice consistency and is relatively cool toned, so it’s a nice contour option. Though the product is a bit pricey coming in at $50, the pan is seriously huge. You totally get your money’s worth with this product.

6. MAC – Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Beaming Blush

I think some people may disagree with me on this one, but let me explain myself. If you were to swatch this on your finger, you’d find it’s not buttery at all (a la Champagne Pop). It’s actually a bit dry. However the reason I love this product is the color. It’s a coral, gold duo-chrome and it seriously beautiful. The dryness isn’t an issue if you apply the product with a wet brush.

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Master Palette by Mario

I am not alone with this one. Holy Crap! This product is sold out every where!! For that reason, I actually linked you to an Ebay search where people are selling the palette for up to $90! I can’t remember how much mine was, but I believe like $40? Okay but this is why people are going freaking nuts over this thing: 1. Mario Dedivanovic is like the king of Makeup and curated this palette. If you have ever seen Kim Kardashian’s face, which I am assuming if you are a breathing human being you have, he was probably the one who did her makeup. 2. The shadows are the most perfect, buttery, pigmented things you have ever dipped your brush or finger into. If you can’t afford to get the real Mario or attend his master class, this is the next best option.

4. Benefit Brow Collection

I didn’t put a specific brow product because there are three that I use together …I know, a bit much, but I take brows very seriously. I have tried various high-end products and drugstore products for my brows, but have found this line to be my favorite. I always use the BROWVO! Brow Conditioning Primer. To add in hairlike strokes, I use Precisely My Brow eyebrow pencil and to fill in larger sparse areas, I use the ka-BROW! eyebrow cream-gel color.

3. Tarte – Tartelette Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette

This palette may be a bit boring I suppose, but it’s seriously so good. It’s included on this list because I use it every single time I put on makeup. I never create a 100% shimmery eye look, so when I do need a matte, I always reach for this palette. I highly recommend!

2. The Balm – Mad Lash Black Mascara

It is very difficult to impress me with mascaras. Like I mentioned before, mine are fine and blonde, a bit short too. This mascara is SO GOOD. I honestly can hardly ever tell a difference between one mascara and another, but this one stands out. I actually received this as a sample size in an Ipsy bag and now it is kicking all of my other mascaras’ butts.

1. MAC – Prep + Prime Fix+

Alas! My #1 product of the year: MAC Prep + Prime!! This may seem so boring, but if you own this then you know. If I did not have this in my collection, I would be one cakey hot mess. It refreshes your foundation, stops creasing under the eyes, brings out the pigment in eye shadows and highlighters. It’s such a multi-functional product. You need this stuff!!! I have gone through 3 bottles this year because it’s that good. Trust me.

I hope after reading this post I may have peaked your interest with a product or two. Do let me know if you try them or already have them in your collection! The funny thing about me and makeup is that I hardly ever wear it, but if you were to see my vanity, you’d definitely think otherwise. I have this weird obsession with finding and collecting products in search for the perfect formulation, most beautiful pigmentation, or perhaps an item that’s just limited edition or rare to find. It’s an expensive hobby, that’s for sure, but really fun!

Below I created a look using all of the products mentioned above.  The first has a bit of a festive lip option and the second is actually what I wore out to dinner… I wish I could say I was more adventurous. Perhaps that will be something I work on in 2017 ;)

Enjoy! xo

img_2258 img_2267 img_2263 img_2242
img_2246 img_2367 img_2350img_2361

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Love this post and the new branding!!


Thank you, thank you!! ☺️


Hi Shelby! Where do you buy the brow products? Love the blog!!


Ulta carries benefit! And they have a brow specialist there to help color match, shape, etc! ☺️


Fabulous post Shelby . What number are the lashes and where to find them?


Thank you! They’re linked if you just click on the name :)


If I looked like you, I wouldn’t need make up! Thank you for all the intel!


you’re welcome, mooooooom <3