Hi friends! This Friday morning I am holding my self captive in bed. I feel like I’ve been on fast forward these last four weeks and haven’t been able to catch a moment to breathe. This past weekend I visited Fonz in Missouri which was amazing (Fonz was amazing, not Missouri), but felt even more exhausted after spending about 24 hours in airports. Did I mention I had to sprint from one gate to another when returning home? That sucked haha. Yesterday at school, I finally think my exhaustion set it. I basically just felt like complete shit. My body was tired, I am on antibiotics that make me wanna throw up everywhere (TMI), and I was just over it. I know I have no place to complain, because I love my job and there are far more exhausting jobs to have, but I really needed to give my body a break…so here I am. In between naps and resting, I decided to log on to my good ole blog and spend some time doing something I really enjoy.

This is, sadly, the third and last series of my photos with Alaa and Brenda… but I think my favorite! I picked up this feminine maxi at Banana Republic the other day and it instantly became one of my go-to pieces! It’s kinda cropped and has a big slit on the side, helping to add some edge. I wanted to contrast the girly pleats and floral design with something a bit rougher, like this embellished skull graphic tee! This one is ancient, but any one will do. I think a band tee would be really cool, too. I slipped on my comfy vans and called it a day. My hair (roots) look absolutely horrid, but I’m kinda over caring about them. I’m trying to grow out my blonde to my natural color… so I guess this is my awkward stage? Ha! Oh well!


pleated maxi – same and look-a-like

graphic tee – this one would be cool

belt – centerbar italian leather belt from Banana Republic, $30

vans – asher slip on sneaker, $55

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