Holy smokes it’s been awhile since I did one of these posts! Last week, my lovely friends, Brenda and Alaa of Alaa Marzouk Photography, hit me up for an impromptu photo session. I couldn’t deny this opportunity for a multitude of reasons: their photography is bomb (my wedding photographers); I could finally refresh my poor, stale, neglected, little blog; and I just love hanging with them in general. WIN/WIN/WIN 

There are easily 101 other things I should be doing right now instead of laying in bed this Sunday morning, writing a post for my blog. School started last week and I. AM. EXHAUSTED. I feel like I’ve spent 90% of this weekend in bed with Minkey just trying to recuperate. Though it’s Sunday, typically a day of “rest”, I actually need to be making seating charts, time stamping my lesson plans, creating my “goal” posters, grading assessment tests, doing laundry…the list goes on. But I think a walk down memory lane, or in this case: creating a styling post for my blog like I used to do in the good ole days is exactly what I want to be doing. So I shall do what I want to be doing, not what I should be doing!

One of the looks we did was kinda like a sequel of this look, but the Summer ’16 version. I tend to hoard crop tops, so finding ways to wear them in public without looking too scandalous is always a nice challenge.  But I’m not over these overalls, so I decided to whip them out for this shoot with a few new twists.


Whilst gallivanting (I like that word) around Downtown Harlingen, we got some photos of two other looks. So you know how I always promise to be back soon? Well I actually CAN be back soon! Because I actually have those photos in my possession – which means I’m not lying this time. So when I see see you soon, I mean it. So…

See you soon!! ♥


Overalls – look-a-likes here$69.95, $48.97

Crop top – Bluewater Crush halter top by Billabong, $39.95, $23.97

Sandals – Rizzaa Sandals by Steve Madden, $79.95 YOU NEED THESE

da hat – Andrea Felt Hat in Biscotti from Banana Republic, $78 – they have large if you have a big ass head like me.

Thank you, Alaa and Brenda! You guys rock!




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