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Now that summer is here …jk I live in South Texas so it was here in February. Now that school is out, that’s better, the only place I want to be is OUTSIDE. As the first weekend of summer, this particular Saturday was declared my Day O’Relaxation. In the morning I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee with Mika on the back patio. After over-caffeinating myself, I booked it to a 90 minute massage at a spa down the street. It was seriously amazing! My masseuse could not stop commenting on all the tension I had in my back. I like to name each little knot in my back after a special student, haha just kidding! …kinda. Then I went to my mom and Bob’s house! Their house has become a bit of a sanctuary for me, mostly because she has a pool and I do not. But besides that, she usually has some sort of fresh squeezed juice on hand (hello, margaritas!), there’s a pond for Mika to frolic in, and there is ample space for falling asleep in the sun.

Today I wanted to share with y’all a few of my summer essentials. But first, as a bit of a disclaimer, I am not one for packing everything and the kitchen sink for a day at the beach or by the pool. I believe you should only have the essentials. Why, you ask? Because it sucks getting back home after a day in the sun and having to put everything back in its proper location or be stuck unloading your car full of junk. I believe one lightly packed beach bag will always suffice.

IMG_0140The first product I wanted to talk about it called the BeachIT. A friend of mine from college and her fiancé created these mats. As Hawaiian natives, they both understand the necessities for a solid day at the beach. The BeachIT mat is badass because 1. it stakes into the ground, so no more anchoring your towels with bottled waters, shoes, a book, a small human, etc. & 2. it comes in really cute patterns and different sizes. I have this striped one that’s a party size, but I also have a banana leaf one that is a single…and you guys already know how I feel about banana leaf. I’m telling you now, these mats are lifesavers. They’re so simple, yet so perfect. I bring the larger one with me when I go to the beach with friends so they don’t have to sacrifice their lone “drying-off” towel. Y’all have got to check them out!





IMG_0153Protection from the sun is a must!! I like using this Hawaiian Tropic face sunscreen because it’s so much less oily than regular sunscreens. It’s mixed with lotion so it’s actually really hydrating. I also go for the SPF 30 when it comes to body. I know, I should probably be getting like SPF 200 to prevent wrinkles and stuff, but I do like to have some sort of tan.IMG_0184

IMG_0161Lately I’ve been loving cheeky little books. I have to admit, I have a bit of an obsession with French style, so How to be Parisian Wherever You Are was an instant buy when I saw it sitting on a Barnes and Noble bookshelf. This “life guide” is a quirky, almost sarcastic, take on all that is French. It’s really funny and a nice break from my usual crime novels. Another one I must recommend of the same genre is Kate Spade New York: All in Good Taste. It makes me want to throw cocktail parties every night and generally just be a cooler person.


IMG_0131Lastly, a very wet Mika is always necessary for a day by the pool.

One Piece –Volcom Stone Row 1 Piece, $169 $96

Beach Bag – Women’s Beaded Handle Tote Cream – Merona, $39.99

Slides – Women’s dv Deidre Slide Sandals, $19.99

Nail Color –  Essie Sunset Sneaks, $8.50

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