Happy New Year, friends! 2016 is already off to a great start. Fonz and I rang in the new year in Paris! While on our family trip to Germany, Fonz and I snuck away for 3 days to Paris on our own. I had never been before so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It was everything I had imagined and more. The city’s beauty is, of course, marvelous, but it’s the culture I love the most. There is this constant sense of leisure and intimacy. People would be sitting at restaurants for hours, completely invested in their conversations, while sipping wine after wine – ideal, no?

I have to admit: Fonz and I sucked at taking photos during this adventure. Every time we’d go out to explore, we’d stay out much longer than intended, run into a bunch of cool stuff and have no camera in hand. I guess that’s a sign of a good trip though! We stayed in the most amazing apartment with the most amazing host, Jonathan. We found the apartment on Airbnb and it was the best decision we’ve ever made. It was so authentic!! The apartments were built in 1910 and they certainly looked like it. Our actual studio was very modern but the courtyard and surrounding corridors looked so old and cool. On New Year’s Eve, before we went out to explore for the second time, Fonz and I snapped a few photos in the courtyard. Afterwards, we went to the Arc de Triomphe and walked up and down the main avenue. An hour or two later, we wandered into a bar for some wine and beer. We hopped on over to another restaurant for dinner and it was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end 2015: exploring a new city with my favorite guy by my side. Not to mention – the best food and drinks. Ah! I can’t wait to return.








Soooo… because we kinda blew it on the quality photographs, I’m gonna create a little gallery of our iPhone photos. They aren’t edited in a pretty way and they’re definitely not artistic, but you get the picture! ;)


Thank you, as always, for following along. I appreciate y’all so much! ♥

Yours Truly,


Jacket – Biker Jacket from Mango, $99.99 $69.99

Jeans – Mid – Rise Skinny Jeans from Zara in dark wash, $69.90 $39.99 – I’m wearing a different wash, but Zara jeans are the best. jeans. ever. So comfy!

Boots – Flat Ankle Boots with Buckle, $49.90 $29.99 similar

Beanie – Textured Stitch Beanie from Banana Republic, $39.50 $27.99

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