Well! We definitely didn’t plan on seeing London this trip, but we are SO excited we got to!! Originally, we were just going to have a layover in London on our way to Germany, but our plane was having some mechanical issues and the flight was cancelled. Fonz and I were seriously the only ones excited about these last minute changes. We were stuck in a line for about 3 hours with a bunch of angry travelers cursing at airport employees to find them another flight out, while Fonz and I were hoping they wouldn’t have any options for us other than staying the night in London. And we got lucky!

We checked into our hotel at about 7pm, so we had the whole night and the next day to explore the city. We didn’t take any photos that night, but I wish we had! We took the Underground to Hyde Park and walked around there for a bit. It was freezing and cold, but so so beautiful. Then we stumbled upon a shopping district. All the stores were adorned in Christmas decor and lights – Harrod’s was the most amazing though. We didn’t get a photo, but this is exactly how it looks. We walked over to the Broadway area and caught dinner at this pretty little Italian restaurant. By this time, we were exhausted after our 8 hour flight and ready to get some sleep.

The next morning I woke Fonz up bright and early, so we could see as much of London as possible. We had breakfast at the hotel (time efficiency purpose) and caught a shuttle to the airport, so we could get some tickets for the Heathrow Express. This is when things started going wrong, in the best way possible. You’ll see what I mean. While on our train, I guess I got distracted looking out the window and I lost my phone on the train. I was upset for sure just because it’s an inconvenience, I couldn’t take photos, and it was like my wi-fi induced lifeline. BUT – I didn’t want it to ruin our day trip, so after a quick 2 minute panic, I got over it. We really wanted to see all of the landmarks, so we took one of those cool double decker, red buses to the Westminster area. Best part about the buses – they’re free! Or so we thought. We literally travelled on those things all. day. long. and no one said a word to us!! We saw Big Ben, Parliament, the Cathedral, the Supreme Court, a bunch of cool stuff. So many selfie sticks haha. After extensively exploring the area, we wanted to catch another bus to Notting Hill for lunch. Whilst enjoying my view out the window once again (I’ve noticed getting distracted by the scenery always causes problems for me), a metro worker and cop come up to us and asks to see our ticket. “What do you mean ‘ticket’?” We seriously had no idea we needed a ticket haha. The usual charge for riding without a ticket is 80 pounds = like over $100 in US dollars. But the metro worker was so freaking nice. He just told us, “Look, I know you guys didn’t know, so I’m gonna charge you only half of the amount – $45.” Then my stupid American Visa card decided not to work aka *we’re for sure getting arrested*. So the metro guy leans in to where the cop cannot see his lips and says, “alright, I’m just going to swipe your card and pretend to give you a ticket – just use a taxi or get a ticket after this.” I LOVE ENGLISH PEOPLE. We caught a taxi and then had a traditional English breakfast in Notting Hill after our run in with the law. It was already time to head to the airport, so Fonz and I boarded the Heathrow Express one last time. The whole time I kept thinking I just might find my phone. But what are the chances? There are a ton of trains and so many carts. How would I find my phone? What are the chances someone didn’t steal it? The train stopped and for some reason, I decided to ask an employee about my missing phone. He directed me to the train manager saying she might have it. I didn’t get my hopes up. I told the train manager:

“I know this is stupid of me to even ask – but I lost my phone on my way to Paddington and I was just wondering if you by any chance have seen it.”

“What does it look like?”

“It’s a gold iPhone 6 and has a case with a green snake on it.”

“Yeah we got it, let me go get it.”

I told you, I LOVE ENGLISH PEOPLE. So freaking nice. If this had been in America, that phone would have been jailbroken and on Craigslist in a hot minute. So see what I mean? So much went wrong – but it ended up working out just fine. AND we got to see so much beauty in just 22 hours! It was the best cancelled flight ever.

Be prepared for a bunch of photos of landmarks and me with my hands in my pockets smiling awkwardly for the camera:

IMG_1060Breakfast at the hotel!





IMG_1084This ↑ is where I lost my phone *sigh*













This is my face after our loooong day in London, back in the airport for the second time: jet lagged, ready to be with my family, and apparently doing something peculiar with my finger. My next post will be coming shortly! Until Then! ♥

Yours Truly,



Flannel – Rabble Flannel in Cream, $44.50

Vest – Women’s Faux Sherpa Vest – Knox Rose, $34.99

Sneakers – Weatherized SK8-Hi MTE in Khaki Woven Chevron, $80 – These are Scotchgard treated so they’re perfect for rain or snow!

Bag – Rockin Crossbody Bag from Roxy, $42 $29.99 – Mine is from last Summer, but I love this one and it’s on sale!

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SO GLAD you had such a great experience! Love the stories! And your shoes!


Ugh I love your outfit!
Glad you liked your trip!


Thank you!! It was a blast! :)