Today marks the beginning of probably the craziest week I’ve had in a long while. The next seven days are pretty much gonna consist of all things wedding: bridal dinner, rehearsal dinner, manicure/pedicure, waxings, last minute to-do’s, the actual wedding… yay!! Right after the celebration ends, Fonz and I have to book it because we are flying to Europe pretty much the next day and I can guarantee no packing will have been done. Stressful? For sure. Exciting? Absolutely!! I’m seriously so happy this week is here – so many fun things! (minus the waxings, of course).

To ease my packing pains, I’ve decided I’m just going bring my Winter essentials with me to Europe. It’s pretty cold over there so I have to stick to useful items; warm sweaters, colorful beanies, snuggly coats, etc. I will most definitely post on here while traveling abroad, but it may be more of a travel diary than a styling post – who knows! I’m gonna play it by ear!

It’s easy to say my Winter essentials for Germany are quite a bit different than my Winter essentials for South Texas. My go-to items here are sweaters, paired with something a bit more relaxed and breezy for this South Texas “Winter”. Today I opted for a comfy brown suede skirt paired with my new sweater. I also snagged this skirt from Forever 21 for a really good price; you gotta check it out! To top it off, I brought out my favorite OTK boots again, because why not? I love them! If I wanted to switch up this look a bit, I would substitute the skirt for some high-waisted Levi’s. I just love the look of heavy, structured sweaters with distressed denim shorts – so effortless! And tall suede boots? Sexaaaay! I guess you could kinda say this is a rendition of my South Texas Winter uniform!










Wish me luck on my week of wedding festivities and traveling adventures! I can’t wait to share everything I see and do with y’all!! ♥

Yours Truly,


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Sweater – Fringe-Hem Cable-Knit Sweater Pullover from Banana Republic, $89.50 $59.50

Boots – High Heel Leather Boots with Laces from Zara, $159.00

Skirt – Faux Suede Mini Skirt from Forever 21, $24.90


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