I discovered shortly after starting this blog, that one of my favorite parts about it is actually writing. Don’t get me wrong – finally having an excuse to buy clothes is pretty awesome, too (whether that excuse is valid or not is still being determined). With the bit of blogging experience I have under my belt, I’ve grown to understand that more goes into a single post than one would initially expect. You have to hunt for the perfect items to complete a look you’re trying to execute, you have to make sure your boyfriend/photographer is available to shoot photos of you in flattering daylight (i.e. the golden hour), and you must have time to actually write up the post. None of which I’m complaining about, it’s all fun. But sometimes I just want to sit down and write without all the hassle. I often limit my words in my styling posts …people are busy and I’m happy they’re even visiting my little blog in the first place, I wouldn’t want to bore them! Which bring me to Monday Muses, finally.

Monday Muses is a new type of post you’ll see here on my blog. I haven’t decided if I want to do it every Monday or every other Monday or what exactly. I just know that for quite some time, I’ve wanted a venue to talk, particularly about things that inspire me at the moment. Whether it be an album, an artwork, a piece of jewelry, or a person. I’m just inspired by so much and I want to share it!  So.. let the sharing commence!





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Yeah, yeah, yeah just like every other blogger, I know. But I can’t not include it! I just love the tropical, breezy vibes it brings. I want it everywhere! On my phone case, my pillows, my romper – everywhere. I even bought a gold vase and stuck a few leaves in it for some adornment on my desk. Maybe my love affair sprouted from Blanche Devereaux’s banana leaf bedroom.. pretty likely based upon the amount of hours I’ve devoted to watching Golden Girls.



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This list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include Suki Waterhouse. She is my #1, forever & always, go-to girl crush. Not only is she obviously beautiful, but she’s über cool. I constantly find myself being inspired by her effortless style, tousled locks, perfectly unperfect cat eyeliner, nonchalant attitude …the list goes on and on. And since I’m being honest here, if Suki Waterhouse wore a trash bag and Crocs… then I’d wear a trash bag and Crocs. She’s that cool.




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I’m not referring to cheeky as in Brazilian swimwear… though that does pique my interests, as well. I’m referring to quirky, fun swimwear. It’s no secret that I have a slight swimwear addiction. My overflowing drawer of bikinis is proof to that. I just can’t stop buying them!! Lolli, Wildfox, and Beach Riot are just a few brands that get the job done every time. I can’t wait until these brands’ Resort ’16 collections become available! Too soon to start planning for next Summer? I think not.



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I can confidentially say I went my entire high school career without doing a single interesting thing to my hair. I literally wore it straight down every. single. day. That followed me into college, as well. Sometimes I even got crazy and CURLED it. Not until this past year did I grasp the concept of second day hair and the beauty of braids. I’d have to blame this new discovery on Amber Fillerup Clark, the queen of braids. If you’re not already, go follow her on Instagram and watch her YouTube videos!! She’s amazing. Lately, I’ve been wanting to try every single braid my little fingers will allow. I recently learned how to do an inverted braid AND a Dutch braid. I know, I know… please hold the applause. I basically feel like I can conquer the world now.

Thank you for reading along with my novel of a post. Let me know what you think of Monday Muses; I’d love to know! I guarantee I’ll be back soon with a whole new list of things I’m currently inspired by. Have a great beginning to your week! ♥

Yours Truly,



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I enjoyed your Monday musings, and would like to read more.


I’m glad!! :) There will definitely be more!


Loveeee it. I love the way you write in your blogs.You need a published column like Carrie Bradshaw!


haha aw thanks, Sabrina!! You’re too sweet!