Hi again!! :) Today’s post is going to be all about our time in Honduras on Thursday. Let me just say – Fonz and I are already planning a trip just to Roatán! It is seriously the most beautiful, vibrant place I’ve ever been! The water was bright turquoise and perfectly clear and the sand was powdery white. It was amazing!

On this day, Fonz and I had made no plans – we basically just wanted to explore the area and play it by ear. I’m so glad our plan was no plan because we got such an authentic experience out of it. Before we caught a taxi driver, we decided to explore the little shops near the docking area. It was really early so there really wasn’t too many people out yet. Sidenote: I have been waking up at 6 am everyday… I know, crazy. That’s why I’ve had time to blog – no one else is alive at this hour! haha, Okay back to the story:  Before taking some photos in front of the prettiest little shops, we grabbed some fresh squeezed orange juice. And when I say “fresh” I mean fresh… he literally squeezed it in front of us! So good!



IMG_9241Our cab driver, Carlos, was the best tour guide! Our drive to the beach was about 25 minutes and on the way there, Carlos pointed out each different location and explained the importance. We learned where he lived (said “Hi” to his wife), where his daughter went to school, and his favorite place to catch breakfast – which is where we stopped to grab a bite to eat! The typical breakfast there is called baleada, which is a tortilla, bean and cheese. I really wasn’t too hungry so I just got some agua de Jamaica, but Fonz said it was delicious! Carlos took us to the coolest resort, Henry Morgan. Because it wasn’t a resort partnered with the cruise, there were hardly any people there… so it was just my type of place! It had a big pool, bar, and beach access with our own chairs. I loved it!




IMG_9431Ready for the best part of the entire trip? Here it is!!


IMG_9415Best five dollars I’ve ever spent.

We spent about 4 hours hopping between the pool, ocean, bar, pool, ocean, bar… so we built up quite an appetite. We got coconut shrimp and the best mojitos I’ve ever had at a grill on the beach just a few steps away. After eating, it was time to say goodbye to the best beach ever. But I know we’ll be back soon enough!



Thank you for following along with my Caribbean travels! I hope you enjoyed! :) If you wanna check out my own photography from the day, scroll down to the very bottom of the page.

Yours Truly,


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DressBillabong Passer By Yarn Dye Dress, $35

HatMerona Fedora Hat with Black Sash, $13

Bikini – similar top here, $31, and here, $60. The Itsy – Beach Sexy Bikini Bottoms, $13

Sunglasses – similar here, $170

SandalsWomen’s Ainsley Knot Thong Sandal in Cognac, $20

Bag – I stole mine from my mom awhile back, but this one is really similar, $30



I loved Roatan so much that I decided to take some photos on my own camera – shocking, I know. So please excuse my horrid photography skills! If you’d like to get a full size view, just click the picture!


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Great pictures!!


Thank you, Carol! All thanks to my boyfriend haha.


Them shoes (the aquazzura ones) are super cute! I enjoy seeing your new posts, your blog is super groovy. XD


Thank you, Ashley!! :) I know – they’re such beauties.. I love Aquazzura!