I’m back with another Caribbean post! On Wednesday, we took a boat out to Starfish Island in Belize. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting when we arrived. I think I had some sort of resort thing in mind, but it was actually pretty low-key and secluded (which is sooo much better). The only thing that kind of sucked was that it was super cloudy and drizzly at some points…but that didn’t stop Fonz and me! We rented a kayak and started exploring the surrounding areas almost immediately. Just across the island was a big patch of mangroves that created different paths you could venture into. It was definitely a nice little escape for us. We were the only ones out there and it was dead silent. We didn’t ask prior to our kayak trip what kind of sea life lived within the mangroves, so we I was kinda scared the entire time that something was going to pop out! (We found out later on that all the fish live outside the mangroves, but I’m still not completely convinced…)


IMG_8963I’m a sucker for thematic clothing, so I figured this Billabong “Vamos A La Playa” shirt was perfect for the occasion. I also decided to use my new backpack that I picked up in Cozumel the previous day. It definitely came in handy with the light rain!











IMG_8874Despite the sporadic winds, Fonz convinced me to get in the water and I’m glad he did – It was sooo much warmer in there!!


Before we knew it, we were back on our boat, ready to board the ship again. I wish we could have stayed even longer, but it looked like a thunderstorm was coming and that wouldn’t have been too much fun. Thank you again for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed reading about my time in Belize. I’m thinking my last post of this trip will be up in a few days and will be all about my time monkeying around in Honduras! ;)

Yours Truly,


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Tank Top – Billabong Vamos A La Playa Tank, $24.95 – Hurry, hurry! There’s only one left that’s an x-small (that’s what mine is)

Sunglasses – Wildfox Catfarer Sunglasses, $169

Bikini – Sadly, I got mine last year, so it’s no longer available but here are some alternatives: Roxy Color Me Badd Underwire Cami Bikini Top ($54), and Billabong Malta Island Halter Bikini Top ($49)

Sandals – Here’s a more wearable pair ($90)! Mine are about a year old.

Backpack – Handwoven Mexican Style Backpack, $35

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