Hi friends!! On Tuesday we spent the day in Cozumel and it was such a blast! Fonz; Fonz’s stepbrother, Hector; his girlfriend, Vanessa; and I started out the day by swimming with dolphins and feeding manatees. If you read this post, you know how excited I was to be in the water with dolphins and it did not disappoint. They were so friendly and loved getting pet… and I definitely loved petting them. The manatees were so cute, too!! Those huge creatures loved cuddling; they would literally wrap their fins around your waist! It was so funny! We wanted to snap some photos actually with the dolphins, but of course, they wouldn’t allow cameras since they want you to buy their photographs. Each print was like a bazillion dollars so Fonz and I decided to pass on it. But here Fonz and I are taking a few pictures in front of the pretty bay area after we swam. I tried doing the dolphin signal for a kiss to Fonz but he wasn’t having it. Bleh.


IMG_8542While we were walking to the beach area, we spotted a guy getting out of a boat on a nearby pier. We randomly decided to ask him about doing some private snorkeling/snuba and he offered to let us scuba dive for a really reasonable price! I’m so glad we asked because it ended up being one of the coolest experiences. In most instances, you have to be certified to actually scuba, but these guys didn’t go by those rules haha. They gave us a quick little tutorial on how to use the gear and we were off! It took me a little while to get used to the breathing, but the guys helping us were super great and made sure I was completely comfortable before exploring the sea floor. We ended up going on a tour of the coral reef and we even explored a cave! I felt like a badass, to the say the least, even though I was actually really scared of the darkness haha.

Afterwards, we all grabbed some lunch on the beach at a little Mexican seafood place. It was soooo good! When we were done, Fonz and Hector decided they wanted to scuba dive again. So while they went on a private exploration with the scuba instructor, Vanessa and I booked it to the pool to relax. But right before Fonz went out for his second dive, we took a quick little break to snap a few photos of my piña colada friend and the pretty scenery.IMG_8595








IMG_8631(I’m always on the hunt for a good pair of espadrilles and these are my new favorites!)




Thank you so much for following along with my blog and my travels! This was quite a long post, so if you made it all the way down here – you rock! I’m hoping my next post can be brought to your from Belize City! :)

Yours Truly,


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Dress – My dress is BCBGirls from the Rio Grande Valley Premium Outlets and it’s still available if you’re in the area! I couldn’t find it online to save my life, but this Roxy one ($40) is super similar if you’re looking to buy online.

Sunglasses – Shop 112

Espadrilles – Smoking Slipper Embroidery from Soludos, $65 – The Flamingo ones are sold out :/ but there are some really cute pineapple and watermelon ones!!

Hat – Woven Floppy Brim Hat from Target, $14.99

Bikini – Ripcurl Mi Amor Hi Neck Bandeau Top, $49.50, and Hipster Bottom, $44.50

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So much fun! I think you’re super brave to explore a dark cave!


haha thanks, I didn’t go toooo deep into it. Fonz went all the way and saw an eel, though!


Always looking for a new place to buy swimsuits and I LOVE those shoes!


Thank youuuu!!! :) me too – but I kinda always gravitate back to ripcurl! haha


You’re espadrilles are so cute!!


Thank you, thank you!! :) I can’t get enough of them right now!