One of my absolute favorite local stores is Shop 112. They have everything from clothing, shoes, accessories, and even just random knick knacks! The dangerous thing about Shop 112 is that it’s located across the street from my job, so it’s safe to say we frequent the place quite a bit. It doesn’t help that a bakery and coffee shop live in the same plaza! The pieces you’ll find in the shop are always current and surprisingly affordable. I went in the other day and found these shorts. They had tassels so I had to snatch them up. As I was checking out, the woman who worked there made some comment about how she loved the matching top, as well. I had no idea there was a matching top, but before I knew it, it was mine.

Most of my purchases have been especially summery lately. Partly because it’s always hot down here in South Texas, but also because I’ll be going on a cruise in a couple of weeks! Purchases like this are particularly nice because you can either wear them as a set or mix them up with other pieces.




This little convenience store is located right down the street from my mom’s house. You know you live in a rural area when you get excited about finally getting a corner store that’s less than 10 minutes away. This place is seriously the cutest. On their front porch they have a vintage coke machine and an old school gas pump (which is where ↑ this guy lives). Not only is the store one of a kind, but the service is, too! The guy who owns the store saw us taking photos and offered to turn off their open side because he thought the neon lights would be an inconvenience for us! He also started rearranging plants and stuff so we could have free space. We assured him it was unnecessary, but it was still really nice of him. To top it off, they sell classic Coca Cola and Topo Chico… I’m sold!




IMG_0493As always, thank you for stopping by! Let me know your opinions below!

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 Matching set – Brand is Blush Noir available at Shop 112, price of each piece was about $30

Sandals – (Not pictured…whoops!) Flat Leather Sandals from Zara, $35

Sunglasses – Light Brown Gradient Aviators by Ray-Ban, $160


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Love it!!!! Very unique ensemble. I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere.


Thanks, Alex!!! :)


You are soooo cute! Love the shorts set, too! I’m a country girl, and you’re right-the corner store is a big deal!


haha thanks, mooooom. You can borrow them ;)


I love this! Great style and commentary on local shops in South TX! I need a Topo Chico now! Aw! Love ya and keep smiling!


Thanks, Jesse! I love your blog, by the way! I need some Grito Gear in my life lol.


Thank you for being a subscriber <3 You have a lovely blog too!

~ ~


Thank you! :)


you are a legit and i enjoy reading everything you post bc you’re cute and fashionable and VERY THOROUGH…xoXoXO


hahah thank you Misha!!! You’re the best! :*