When you’re a snack-size human, like myself, boyfriend jeans can be a little intimidating. I often times find myself drowning in articles of clothing, so purposefully wearing something that is too large for me can be difficult to pull off. But I’m no quitter! I love the ease and coolness of boyfriend jeans, so I’m always determined to make them work. To combat the shapeless nature of the pant, I try to pair it with ultra femme pieces, like a ruffly crop top and leopard heels.



One thing I’m a little OCD about is cuffing. I once watched an interview between Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, and Jenna Lyons where they discussed cuffing… let me just say: game changer. Before, I would do the typical cuff once and then cuff again. Jenna Lyons, Creative Director and President of J.Crew, showed how much better it looked to instead do one large cuff and one small cuff. It’s a little difficult to explain but the interview is here. I always use this method, especially with denim jackets and button up blouses.

And in regards to boyfriend jeans, I think the whole point is to look like you didn’t try. For awhile I searched for the perfect pair, but everything I found looked so manufactured. So I ended up just buying a pair of men’s Levi’s. They look much more authentic to me. I think the concept is supposed to be that you woke up at your boyfriend’s house and threw on his jeans (apparently you and your boyfriend share the same size). This hypothetical girl is too cool to be bothered with perfectly cuffing them or making sure they fit just right. The messier they look, the happier I am.




My makeup for today mostly consisted of Clinique. If you have $27 to spare, I encourage you to go buy something from Clinique! If you spend that amount, you get a complimentary gift set. Usually, I don’t find these sorts of offers too enticing, but this one seemed really nice! In the makeup bag you receive an eye shadow/blush palette, shadow stick, full-size lipstick, mascara, face wash, and face lotion. My favorite products are definitely the shadow stick and lipstick!


Yours Truly,


Top – Flounce Crop Top, Forever 21

Boyfriend Jeans – Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans

Heels – similar here and here

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Love your top! https://hideorgochic.wordpress.com


Thank you! Such a steal!



Such a fun summer look! Love the whole thing!


Thank you, thank you :)


Skinny Minnie!! Love this! About to buy that top!


Thank ya thank ya! :) It actually reminds me of something you’d wear!