A few weeks ago I decided I would adopt a dog on a whim! I figured I might as well give you a formal introduction since he’ll probably be a regular around here. Meet Mika: my cute, little foxy thing. The day I decided to adopt him, I was headed to work and saw something gruesome involving a cat on the highway. It really upset me…to the point where I could not stop thinking about it all day at work. I decided to adopt a cat because of it. I guess I kind of felt like I owed it to humanity. So I got online and started browsing the cats at Palm Valley Animal Center. While on the shelter’s website, I got distracted in the dogs section and came across Mika (formerly known as Smurf). I fell in love instantly! The LAST thing I needed was another dog, but I couldn’t not get him. I left work early and within about 45 minutes, Mika was officially mine.

The coolest thing about adopting dogs is that they’ve already had a past life. I’m constantly surprised with what Mika knows how to do! Thus far, I’ve learned that he is already potty trained, knows how to sit on command, can fetch a tennis ball or frisbee, and is an olympic runner. I learned this at Petsmart the morning after I adopted him. He got away from me and bolted through the Petsmart parking lot. It wasn’t how a normal dog runs away, he was hauling ass. Besides the sting I felt of seeing $200 run away from me…I was almost impressed by his speed. There was no point in me even chasing him. But finally, after some affectionate persuasion, he made his way back to me. Upside to all of this: at least now I know I have a running partner.


And that was my little life update! This was probably a lot more fun for me to write than for you to read. Telling people about your dog is kind of like telling people about your dreams. As a common courtesy, you pretend to sound interested but in reality you probably aren’t all that interested. On that note, shout out to my co-workers for oohing and aahing at my 200 Mika pictures every morning. I appreciate ya! ;)

Yours Truly,


p.s. If you’re in the least bit interested in adopting an animal, but don’t know where to start, check out this site! It’s really helpful and can get you started in the right direction.

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What kind of dog is he?? He is SO cute!!