Probably the best thing I invested in this season were these black suede boots. I’ve gotten so much wear out of them this past winter! But because I live in South Texas, I can really only wear them a few months out of the year. Which means I have to get creative.

Take today for example. It really wasn’t too cold, but it wasn’t too warm. So I opted for a chunky black sweater over one of my favorite dresses. Of course, I threw on my black boots, too! There’s really nothing quite as nice as an over-the-knee boot. I LOVE the Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots, but let’s be real…I’m not about to drop $800 for a pair of boots. I’m not saying I wouldn’t. I definitely would, but literally my bank account won’t allow for it. So for now, I’ll settle for these bad boys.



It kind of looks like Felix the cat is about to eat my head, right? That’s what I was going for!


This is my favorite mural in all of Harlingen! (We actually have a surprisingly large amount of murals for such a small town.)

It’s my favorite for three reasons:

  1. It’s a longhorn and so am I.
  2. I love the bright, sugar skull design.
  3. It lives on the wall of one of my favorite restaurants, Rio Grande Grill.

Rio Grande Grill has some of the best BBQ/Tex-Mex in Harlingen, plus a really laid back vibe. I can’t recommend it enough. If you go, you’ve gotta try their Chicken Tortilla Soup. And always get their lemonade – it’s homemade!



Of course I had to act like a big, dumb Longhorn. SO BE IT.

7edited8editedThese sunglasses are also a favorite of mine. I got them from a boutique in New York this past fall. They make me feel really cool which is a huge feat, so I figured they were worth the money.


Thanks for stopping by!

Yours Truly,


Boots – similar ones here & on sale!

Sweater – Popcorn-Knit Sweater from Forever 21

Dress – Tyler Bird Print Button Dress from Pixie Market

Sunglasses – WILDFOX Catfarer Deluxe Mirror Sunglasses

Bag – This one here is pretty similar & is also Kate Spade.

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Beautiful! :)


Thanks Rebecca! :)


Great post! Love the mural and your outfit! xo



Thanks Navia, love your blog!


Sooooo pretty!


Awesome outfit!