There are two things that I am not: a model and a surfer. But on Saturday, I attempted both of those things. Minus the actual surfing…I basically just stood with a surfboard in hand. My boyfriend, Fonz, works at a surf shop on South Padre Island called On The Beach. He also happens to be a photographer. He needed a “model” to show off some of their new stuff so I figured, with this new blog and all, this could be a cool opportunity to play pretend. The swimwear is from a company called Seea. The bathing suits are really soft and kind of give off a sporty vibe. The high-waisted skort bikini reminded me of a tennis outfit or something.

Fonz also wanted to take some shots in a Billabong springsuit. I had never worn one before (I’ve never had a reason to) but these bad boys are SUPER comfy. I wanted to live in it. Downside: have you ever taken a wetsuit off? DAMN. I was struggling and grunting in that dressing room. But it was all worth it, I suppose!

If you’re interested in any of these items, stop by On The Beach! They’ll be putting out The Seea stuff soon and the Billabong springsuit is available now. But you can also buy it online here.


Told you I’m not a model…IMG_8209 After our oh-so-glamorous photo shoot, Fonz and I got some lunch at a local bar and grill called Harpoon’s. It’s one of our favorites. They have amazing food and it’s always a good time. When we go during the day, it’s just to get our grub on. At night, they have live bands or this really fun lady who sings karaoke. Last time we were there, she gave Fonz a lap dance. It was awesome. IMG_1035_2 IMG_1036 IMG_1041_2 On our way home, we stopped in Port Isabel at the Mercado. This is my favorite little hidden gem. At least, I think it’s hidden. I’ve never heard anyone talk about it! They have tables set up every where with stones, crystals, and handmade jewelry laid out. The best part about the Mercado is it’s all SO cheap. Word of warning: bring your cash! They don’t take credit cards. I learned that the hard way. IMG_1042IMG_1044IMG_1047The bracelet that’s missing is the one I bought. It’s made of black and gray iridescent shells. It was only $5, too!

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my Saturday. Sometimes it’s fun to try new things, no matter how ridiculous you feel. And sometimes it’s just as fun to remain true to your traditions. Until next time!

Yours Truly,


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